South Shore Seafoods PEI: What Makes PEI Lobsters the Best Fresh Lobsters From Canada

Lobsters: as one of the most popular seafoods on the planet, learning what sets the best fresh lobsters from Canada apart from regular lobsters is crucial as a consumer.

As one of Prince Edward Island’s most trusted seafood companies and one of PEI’s oldest Canadian lobster processors, we here at South Shore Seafoods PEI know what it takes to curate mouthwatering cooked lobster meat.
In today’s blog, we talk about how and why PEI lobsters are the best fresh lobsters from Canada— and why they make the best whole-cooked lobsters around!

The Colourful World of PEI Lobsters

Lobsters contain a myriad of colourful fun facts: lobsters’ nutrient-rich raw bodies never stop growing; they taste with their legs and chew with their stomach, dubbed “the gastric mill”; and their hard shells were even once used to make golf balls at the University of Maine!

The most important fact of all, however? That fresh lobster is always, always best when it comes to whole-cooked lobster and lobster mincemeat. 90% of the PEI lobsters at South Shore Seafoods PEI are landed within 20-30 min. of the plant… and only the freshest of those caught are chosen for processing! Only the best skin-pack lobster tails and cap-off lobster claws are shipped out of South Shore Seafoods PEI.
From Prison Food to a Worldwide Delicacy: PEI Lobsters

Think that the trivia above were the only fun facts we had about lobster? Think again!

For example, did you know that prisoners used to feast on lobsters due to how plentiful they were? It’s true! The worldwide popularity of lobsters has resulted in numerous discoveries, including that:
  • Lobsters are nocturnal, so our crew hunts primarily at night
  • Lobsters can grow up to four ft. long (and weigh up to 40 pounds!)
  • Lobsters used to be nicknamed “poor man’s chicken” due to their overabundance
  • Lobsters “moult” periodically, shedding their hard outer shell as they grow
  • Lobsters have a fondness for white fish, which is often used as bait
With over 30 years of lobster wholesale, retail, and distributing experience, it’s no exaggeration to say that we here at South Shore Seafoods PEI live, breathe, and sleep all things lobster!

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Why PEI’s Lobsters are Canada’s Best

There are two reasons why PEI is named one of Canada’s best for succulent lobster meat: quality and freshness!
South Shore Seafoods PEI knows the importance of safety and quality assurance when it comes to seafood products. That’s why we pledge to provide:
  • Up-to-date information on lobster fisheries, seasons, and markets
  • Seafood products that best suit your tastes (including, but not limited to, our mouthwatering cooked lobster meat, lobster tails, scored cooked lobster claws and arms, minced lobster, raw lobster bodies, cap-off lobster claws, and skin pack lobster tails)
  • Answers to any and all of your seafood-related queries to ensure that your needs as a consumer are being met!
Craving PEI lobster after reading our fun facts? We don’t blame you! Reach out today to taste the best fresh Canadian lobsters for yourself.

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