The Best Tasting Lobster from the Cleanest Ocean Waters of Prince Edward Island, Canada

We can meet your food service, retail and industrial needs with our top quality seafood products.

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  • Grilled lobster tails

Premium Seafood Suppliers in Prince Edward Island

South Shore Seafoods Ltd. has all the fresh and frozen products you’re craving. With 30 years of experience in the seafood industry, we are your reliable Canadian lobster processors in Prince Edward Island (PEI). We take pride in our company, products, and valued customers and constantly produce safe, traceable lobster products for our customers worldwide. Our team is committed to serving our satisfied customers throughout North America and around the globe. We bring fresh lobsters for you from the crystal clear waters of PEI and other parts of eastern Canada.


For top-quality lobsters from PEI and other seafood products, get in touch now.

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90% of our lobster is landed within 20 to 30 minutes of the plant and only the best is selected for processing.

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Our R&D team develops innovative products to meet the diverse and changing needs of world markets while attracting and satisfying new customers.

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South Shore Seafoods Ltd. offers flexible pack weights, configurations, and private labelling to suit your clientele.

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Experience the confidence that comes from dealing with over 30 years of trusted service to satisfied customers: wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

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  • We’ll give you up-to-date information on the lobster fishery, seasons and market.

  • We’ll help you figure out which products best suit your needs.

  • We’ll answer your questions and go that extra mile to ensure your needs are met.

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Service Area

  • Serving North America, Europe, Asia, and around the world

Frozen Product

Frozen Product

  • Cooked lobster meat

  • Lobster tails

  • Whole cooked lobster

  • Scored cooked claws and arms

  • Lobster mince meat

  • New cap off claws

  • New skin pack tails

  • Serving US, Europe, Asia and rest of world

Services We Trust

  • FDA
  • NSF
  • MSC
  • SQF

Company Divisions

Captain Cooke’s Seafood Logo

Captain Cooke’s Seafood

  • Processed lobster products (frozen)

  • Scallops

  • Bluefin tuna

  • Smelts

By The Water Logo

By The Water

  • Live Lobster

CAN•AM Lobster & Shellfish Logo

Can-Am Lobster

  • Live Lobster

  • Mussels

  • Oysters

Howard’s Cove Logo

Howard’s Cove

  • Malpeque Oysters

  • Halibut

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Serving the Food Service Industry

Count on us for fresh and high-quality lobster products and delight your guests with a range of lobster dishes on the menu.

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Meeting the Needs of Retailers

Our seafood products are designed to meet the requirements of the retail industry. Rely on us for vacuum packed and fresh seafood.

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Fit For Your Industry

Whether a chef or restaurant operator, get in touch with us as we provide a wide range of industrial seafood products that let you satisfy your customers.

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We Value Quality and Sustainability

While maintaining the quality and offering impeccable products and services to our clients, we also focus on sustainability and ocean health in harvesting seafood.